Electro Shock - 2496 A.D. Samples & Sound Effects
Electro Shock

An extensive set of classic vintage drum and percussion sounds, recreated on my big monster of an analog modular synthesizer.

Compatibility: Kontakt 5.8+ full, Korg Volca Sample, and any sampler loading WAVs (including Roland SPDs).

Taking my inspiration in classic Roland drum sounds as well as Casio toy synths, or anything sounding vintage and synthetic, I strayed a few times to venture into more experimental territory. And as usual, everything was passed through all kinds of analog enhancers: tubes, compressors, exciters, bottom expanders, EQs, distortions, you name it. Everytrhing I could gather to make this sound big – and it does.

The set comprises over 600 percussion sounds, some of which contain velocity layers. Here's a complete list.

Files are comprehensively named. Two folders are provided: one with one take per sound (and occasional velocity layer) for use in simple samplers, and one with several takes per sound, for use in software samplers allowing for round robins and random triggering. The former is in 16b/44k and the latter in 24b/96k.

In addition, a Kontakt instrument is provided which takes advantage of the multi-take feature to achieve a more analog feel.

The Volca version comes as a separate ZIP file, containing a selection of 150 sounds. If you download it, I recommend you also download the main ZIP, to get all the sounds. You'll find both on the download page.

Formats: Kontakt, WAV, Volca
Size: 700 Mb
3200 files

Price: 12 €

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