Stranger Synth - 2496 A.D. Samples & Sound Effects
Stranger Synth
all sounds from this library, except the drums

Before its innovative waveforms and gorgeous chorus made it a classic synthesizer for trance in the 90s, the Roland Alpha Juno was a pop music synthesizer from 1986.

Here, new patches (but typical of the 80s' shine and gloss) were programmed into the MKS-50 (basically a rack mounted Alpha Juno, expanded with chord memory), and sampled in stereo, 24 bits, at 96KHz – the high sample rate preserving more brightness at lowered pitches.

The collection contains over 150 WAV files of either sustained (looped) or decayed sounds: basses, pads, strings, keys, organs... Loops were handcrafted to perfection. Each sample's base note is specified in both the file's name and its metadata.

Format: WAV
Size: 50 Mb
156 files

Price: 10 €

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