Aelita: Queen of Mars - 2496 A.D. Samples & Sound Effects
Aelita: Queen of Mars

This collection of vintage sounds was sampled from the Murom Aelita, an incredible Russian synthesizer from the Soviet era – built like a tank, and sounding accordingly.

If you're looking for warm, fat, yet previously unheard synthesizer sounds, this is the one for you.

The Aelita is a mono synth sporting 4 oscillators, phase shifting, cross-modulation and a mean LP filter. By allowing to play its sounds polyphonically, sampling makes them even bigger.

Some patches were sampled with different filter positions and envelope times, providing velocity layers, thus adding expressiveness to the hardware's original capacities.

The collection comprises:

  • 90 multi-sample instruments
  • 10 single sample instruments
  • 30 kicks, toms and other percussions
  • 100+ sound effects

Most sounds were sampled several times over, and random switching between takes makes same notes sound subtly different, suppressing the robotic feel of sampling, and capturing the unevenness of a real analog feel. Another mode stacks all takes, resulting in a huge unison effect.

The Kontakt version uses 2496 A.D.'s reVolt engine, which lets you further transform each sound via its extensive interface.

The Renoise/Redux version uses macros to fatten and stereophonize the sound.

Yet, those versions use minimal digital processing, in order to preserve the original's unmistakable analog flavor.

All WAV files are of course freely accessible, for importing into your own favorite sampler.

Compatibility: Renoise 3.01, Redux 1.0, or any sampler eating high-res WAVs.

Everything is sampled in 24 bits at 96 KHz.

Note: the Kontakt version is not available yet !

Formats: XRNI (Renoise), WAV
Size: 5 Gb

Price: 20 €

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