Electronic Mayhem vol.2 - 2496 A.D. Samples & Sound Effects
Electronic Mayhem vol.2

One more entry in the Electronic Mayhem series, this one used the pulse train wreck generator that is Error Instruments' Spikes module, passed through the most aggressive Eurorack effects I could find, including sub octave generators, frequency shifters and distortions. The result sounds as if space was Hell for robots... which, wait – it probably is!

Sound editors will find these sounds super grounded in the physical –electrical– realm, far from any digital synthesis.

Sound designers will also find it a valuable source of raw material and inspiration. Each file contains multiple takes of a sound, separated ny markers for instant access.

Everything was recorded at 192 KHz to allow for slowing down up to 4x without any loss of brightness (which you'll definitely want to do). Extra care was taken to keep all ultrasounds rich, tight and clean, right up to the Nyquist frequency – so they remain just as lush when brought down into the audible spectrum. A 48KHz version is also available, would you prefer a lighter weight. You can choose your preferred resolution at the download page.

See also: Electronic Mayhem vol. 1

Format: WAV
Resolution: 24bits 192KHz or 16bits 48KHz, stereo
Size: 9 Gb or 2 Gb
341 files

Price: 10 €

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