Inside a Victorian woodhouse - 2496 A.D. Samples & Sound Effects
Inside a Victorian woodhouse

Doors, windows, locks, bolts, switches, desk drawers, kitchen cupboards and cabinets - wooden and rugged. Plus a few extras...

I was invited to stay in a typical East Coast Victorian wood house, in Wellesley (MA). Everything in there, from doors to windows, to light switches, to cupboards was rugged, somewhat aged and made beautiful sounds when handled - further heightened by beautiful wood-walled room acoustics. So I decided to take a break from my holidays, went to Boston to rent field recording gear, and spent the night handling everything my hands could lay on, capturing these so typical sounds, I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did.

Similar but distinct object were recorded: For example, if a cupboard has multiple doors and drawers, several of its doors and drawers were recorded. And several takes are provided for each, with similar as well as different speeds and strengths.

There was also one of those big metallic file cabinets in the office. Oh, and as a bonus, you get one of those old wind-up monkey toys -- just because one was lying around in the nursery.

24bits, 48KHz. All metadata tagged, with description and keywords.

Format: WAV
Resolution: 24bits (converted from 16bits), 48KHz
Size: 80 Mb
356 files

Price: 10 €

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