Big Fat Analog Drones - 2496 A.D. Samples & Sound Effects
Big Fat Analog Drones

A collection of 80 humongous drones: both plain and sparkly like no digital sound can ever hope to be, they fill up the spectrum from the deepest rumble to the crispiest crackle.

Whether you lay them down to build ambiences and soundscapes, or cut them up to create your own sound effects, hairs will stand at the litteral sound of electricity !

They were generated from a big modular synthesizer featuring lots of waveshapers, plus classic analog synthesizers like the Korg MS-20 or the Moog Sub37, as well as the more exotic Murom Aelita – a vintage Soviet synth built (and sounding) like a tank. A few acoustic sources were thrown in for even more ruggedness, depth and variety.

Analog processing involves the Moogerfooger Phaser, different editions of the Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Expander, and the Thermionic Culture Vulture – an incredibly fat tube disto. Digital reverbs, served in separate files, include the hardware Lexicon PCM91 and Strymon Big Sky. Little equalization was done, to retain the full roughness of the original sounds, and leaving you all liberty to EQ them at your leasure and fit them into any mix.

All which were loopable in nature (that is most of them) are looped perfectly, and most cycles are several minutes long.

They are sampled at 96KHz, so slowing them down up to an octave won't compromise their brightness (except for the ones devoid of significant HF content, which are at 48KHz). All come in 24 bits, and contain metadata.

Format: WAV
Resolution: 24bits 96KHz
Size: 43 Gb
456 files

Price: 35 €

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